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French Bulldog History

Ironically, the French Bulldog breed originated in Jolly Old England. These pups are cousins to the English Bulldog, which descended from the Bullenbeisser sport dogs, a subfamily of the ancient Greek Molossian breed that was originally used for bull-baiting.

When blood sports were outlawed in England in 1835, English Bulldogs emerged as companion dogs and were bred with terriers and Pugs to reduce their size. The toy size became very popular among the lace workers in Nottingham because these docile and loyal pooches would warm the workers’ laps by day and rid the workshops of rats by night.

The Industrial Revolution mechanized laceworks in England, and many of these skilled workers immigrated to France, taking their pups with them. The curious toy-sized, bat-eared bulldogs were an instant hit with the French bohemians. Soon writers, artists, fashion designers, and working girls all over Paris were requesting the lovable pups.

The English breeders couldn’t believe their luck—they’d always considered the breed’s ears a flaw. So, they happily began sending over all of the bat-eared bulldogs, whom the French began calling Bouledogue Francais, as in boule for “ball” and dogue for “mastiff” or “molosser.” Before long, the high-society ladies fell in love with the pups, too, and the French Bulldog became a status symbol.

The breed first appeared in the United States in the late 19th century. They were very well received, earning the nickname “Frenchie,” as well as the affection of notable pet parents like the Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan families.

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